Saturday, February 24, 2007

Updates on the boys...

O'Connor had his first birthday on Thursday (Feb. 22, 07). He is a great boy and is going to doggie college in Oregon in April. O'Connor has a new buddy to play with for the next week. Sonny's brother, Sprite was career changed last week, and came to stay with Aunt Lindsey until his new family can get him next Saturday.

Sonny had his second birthday last Tuesday (Feb. 13, 07). He seems to be doing well in doggie college and is just waiting for the right match (Well, that's what we're hoping...)

Carlisle made it all the way to phase 6 in his guide dog training, then the last week in January, he was career changed. Guess he just didn't want to be a guide dog! Dogs for Diabetics looked at him and accepted him into their hopefully Carlisle will still have a very important job to do!

Beautiful O'Connor

Here is a picture of O'Connor on his 1st Birthday. He has been very busy lately, and since he lacks the long fingers that are helpful in his writing...he has turned the blog over to me...Lindsey. I do not have the time right now to give a proper update, but will update a bit later today about O"Connor and the rest of the boys in our lives :)