Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yay for Breaks...

So I met the nurse the other day and she is very nice. She is actually a nurse practitioner, which is what I've seen as a doctor for sinus infections and small things, so that's really comforting. We talked about how to help kids out when they get hurt or sick or stuff for sure :)

Yesterday I didn't feel good. I had a headache and sore throat all day. The headache went away, but I still have the sore throat. I haven't been taking my allergy medicine, so I'm wondering if that's my problem? I'll talk to the nurse about it on tuesday when she comes back.

Yesterday we also got to do the activities. I didn't because I lead an activity...but I did get to do some archery :) I hit the target everytime! Wahoo! :) I cleaned out the arts and crafts shed and threw a LOT of junk was so nice. So now I have my list of things I need and things I already have and a clean shed so I can actually find things :) YAY!!! It was kind of hot yesterday...but nothing like Utah, so no problems there :)

Ontario is being very good. Everybody still loves him and he seems pretty happy here!

Hopefully tomorrow i'll catch some time where I can put some pictures up!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Malibu Beach

So yesterday I didn't have to do a whole lot :) Emily from GDB showed up just as we were finishing breakfast, so we talked about our puppies here at camp and how to incorporate them into our routines and activities. Then when she left, the counselors all had to go talk about different characteristics of campers and scenarios that can happen while at camp. Since I'm an "Activity Leader" I did not have to go to this meeting. The plan was for all the activity leaders to go to the beach and set up for our overnighter. Well, once the van was loaded only 8 of the activity leaders fit in the van and there is 13 of I stayed behind. Those of us left behind just talked and had free time for about 2 hours...until the counselors were finished with their meeting and then we left for the beach.

I don't know the name of the beach, but it was in Malibu and it was okay. However, it was very rocky leading to the water, so I didn't get in or anything. It was extremely windy when we got there yesterday afternoon, but that stopped after a while and things were just fine. We had some really really good guacomole (I don't exactly know how to spell that) and I thought I was in heaven...Dad would have LOVED it! We also had hamburgers and Carne Asada for dinner and it was the best food I've had in a LONG time! :) Then once it got dark, we had a campfire which was fun.

I slept under the stars with some of the other staff. We had laid out our sleeping bags earlier before it got dark, and I immediately noticed that it was all wet when I went to get in. I guess it's just very moist here ('s by the ocean) but I'm just not used to that! I slept good though and this morning when I woke up and looked out in the ocean there were a bunch of Dolphins swimming pretty close to the that was very neat! :)

The nurse is supposed to be coming around 9:30, so I guess I should go brush my hair and look half-decent :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm here at Camp and everything is great so far. Ontario is doing very good. He is 1 of 2 puppies here...definately the cuter of the two ;) (not that I'm biased or anything)! He has been better than I ever expected him to be and i couldn't be more proud of him so far.

The food isn't the greatest, but it's not bad...hopefully I'll loose those 6 pounds I found out about when I got my camp physical :D

Yesterday we woke up at the crack of dawn to go to the Junior Blind of America (JBA). The campus there was beautiful and the weather is MUCH better than the 104 that we left in Utah. Anyway, so we were at JBA and did favorite! LOL Then we came back to camp and played a few name games. We had to get a partner who we didn't know and learn about them and stuff. My partner's Camp name is Jazzy (I don't even know her real name) and she is from Illinois. She is here to be the horse wrangler!

Today the wake up call was 7am, but I didn't roll out of bed (literally) until about 7:15...I hurried and fed Ontario and pulled on clothes and took him out...where we got in line at which point we got back into the same partners that we had last night. Jazzy was blindfolded this morning and I was her sighted guide. We ate breakfast (she was still blindfolded). I was blindfolded for Lunch today and Jazzy was my sighted guide...she didn't run me into anything, so I guess she's pretty good ;)

Anyway, so that's it so far! I'll write and put up pictures some day when I have more time.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Teenagers and Bras...

Tonight I was with my Sister-in-law and we went to the Art City Days Carnival. I spent more money than I should have, on a VERY VERY cute red purse :) Wahoo! while we were walking around we noticed all these teenage girls whose bra straps were showing. It was very annoying, I don't really care to see bra straps at all...or any part of a bra for that matter...tank tops are fine, but wear a built in bra, or one of those bras with clear straps or do something!!! My poor eyes don't want to see any more bra straps...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Because I'm bored...

So it's 1:12am and I'm sitting at the computer...bored! I know, I know, I should be in bed...but why???? I don't have anything pressing that I have to do in the morning so I can sleep in, and I'm not especially tired right now either. Tonight I was talking to my mom--Sorry Lacey!!! And I was thinking about things...I want to make a difference in the world...sounds very cliche, but it's true. I was talking to Alisa about this today...and that my friends, is why I have gone to school for 4 years and am planning on a few more years of school and then I want to work at GDB...because I want to make a difference. Not a difference in the lives of dogs...but in the lives of people! I am going to change the world and make a difference 1 blind person at a time! :)

Many people have said throughout my 8 years of puppy raising..."I could never do that...I could never give the dog up...I get too attached"...I usually say that you learn to do it more gracefully each time, and while it never gets easy it is always worth it in the end when you get to see how much of a difference the dog makes in the life of somebody else. But if I'm not in a good mood I'm thinking in my head "sheesh, do you think I'm a heartless don't have a CLUE what it feels like to be so attached and then let it go!"

So anyway...back to my story...I'm going to make a difference in somebody's life 1 person at a time :) I was thinking about why I love raising puppies so much and why I want to work at guide dogs so bad... I guess I want everybody to know that I raise puppies for several different reasons...
  • The change that these dogs make in people's lives is too incredible...that's why I'm addicted to raising...
  • When you see that little puppy who you poured your heart and soul into and it means 10x more to that blind person than it means to's worth it!
  • When you think of those nights you cried and the heartache that you had when your puppy left feel sorry for yourself...but it's worth it!
  • When you take your puppy out early in it's life and it has a "potty accident" in a public's embarrassing...but it's worth it!
  • When strangers come up to you and tell you that their brother's friend's grandpa's cousin had a guide dog and it made such a difference in his's kind of awkward...but it's worth it!
  • When your puppy goes to school with you and the other teachers and staff as well as the students get attached...and you are the bad one who "lets the puppy go"'s sad for everybody...but it's worth it!
  • When that blind person at graduation talks about the first time they picked up the harness and said "forward" and they never walked so fast or free in their life...that's when it all comes together and there is no other experience like it!

So that my friends...that is why I raise puppies!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

O'Connor News

O'Connor was chosen by the breeding department at GDB and will be going on a road trip to San Rafael, CA next week to undergo further medical evaluations to hopefully become a breeder! His heart checked out fine and that's usually the hardest test to if all goes well, O'Connor will get to have puppies! Of course I will get the opportunity to raise one of his puppies and, well that would be very neat! So keep your fingers crossed that he passes his tests!

Monday, June 04, 2007

puppy manufacting????

Ontario was made "really good!"

Ontario and Dilbert the working guide the park!

SOOOO...last week was the last week of school. We took our 2nd graders to the Park to play for a few hours, and several kids were petting Ontario, which was fine...then after examining Ontario from head to toe she looked at me and in all seriousness said "WOW, they made him VERY good!" apparantly, GSD pups are made VERY good at the puppy factory???

April 7th, 2007-Sonny's Graduation!

Lindsey, Sonny and Ontario after graduation...outside after graduation.

Lindsey and O'Connor and Mark and Sonny outside after graduation.

Graduation Hug after our speeches.

The HAND OFF!!!!

Meeting Mark and seeing Sonny for the first time again! Getting a GOOD look at my handsome GUIDING boy!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

update coming soon...

Sorry I haven't really posted anything new lately...I promise I am going to post LOTS of things tomorrow...Monday, June 4th! So check back soon!!!