Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grand Canyon and more Zion

It has been a busy week and I have not had time, want, or energy to update my beloved blog :) Finally today I had here you go!

First, I will tell you about giving Ontario up. It was not an easy thing to do at all, I never imagined that I would give him up TWICE...but I was ok with it because I knew he was going to a great home and that he would be extremely happy and loved and get much more attention than I can give him. It was hard, we met the people at Jacob Lake which is about 40 miles from the Grand Canyon. Ontario was happy and didn't even look back when they walked away with him. He got in the car happily and that was that. I of course cried the whole hour to the Grand Canyon... I have since talked to his new mom a few times and he is doing VERY well in his new home. He gets to be the alpha dog in the home...which will be new to him, but his mom says he's picking up on it. He has a german shepherd brother in this home and so far they get along nicely and he is loved very much. I miss him a lot...

Second, Edie is leaving on Wed. I can't believe she is ready, but she shows me everyday how she is ready for her next adventure and she is! She is a sweet, adaptable, easy going little girl.

Third, I will be getting a new puppy in August--at least that is the plan. I am going to Camp Bloomfield again this summer and will get a transfer dog in August when I am done with camp...

Now...for the pictures...

Edie in Zion...she likes to turn her head
just as the camera clicks to take the picture!
Silly girl!

Zion Canyon...SO beautiful!
We learned that the rocks get their red color from rust...
Isn't that neat???
You can't drive your car to Zion Canyon, you have to ride a shuttle
Here is Edie riding the shuttle...

The GRAND Canyon...North Rim

Edie at the Grand Canyon, it wasn't hot, but I guess being black
it was possible that she was kind of hot which is why she is panting...

Edie being serious at the Grand Canyon

All in all, I think my roommate, Edie and I had a pretty good time at the Grand Canyon. It wasn't the best of days to be can see that there isn't blue sky and you can't really see across the whole canyon (which is 14 miles across if you were wondering) and shortly after our picture taking and sight seeing was done and we were in the gift started hailing major and then there was a downpour. We took that time to do some shopping in the gift shop...and also eat lunch in the restaurant. Then we went back to Zion, where the weather was better.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

St. George and Zion

Here are pictures that were promised. This weekend, my roommate, Ontario, Edie and I are traveling around Southern Utah. Today we went to Zion National Park and St. George where we are sleeping... so anyway the first few pictures are the St. George LDS (Mormon) Temple which is beautiful. This was one of the first working temples in the Church and was completed in 1877.

The front of the Temple says:
Holiness to the Lord
The House of the Lord
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints
St. George Temple

I think this picture with the flag and the sky is really cool!!!

Ontario and Me in Zion National Park
--he was being a brat and would look at the camera!

Zion National Park...

Ontario sitting pretty in Zion!

Possible calendar 2010 picture of Edie???
Sitting pretty in Zion

Edie was not real thrilled with this picture spot or something...

***We could not go to "The Grotto" which is the famous part of Zion because you have to ride a shuttle there and they don't allow dogs on the shuttle. Of course Edie--being a PIT would be fine, but Ontario is a pet and is not allowed on the shuttle. Tomorrow we are going to the Grand Canyon after we drop Ontario off with his new mom. Then on Monday morning we are going to go back to Zion and ride the shuttle and take some hikes with Edie...look for more pictures in the next few days!!!

This is a picture I took a few days ago, when I looked at the puppies and they were cuddled together on the bed...aren't they so cute???

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life as we know it...

Well, life as I know it is going to be changing for me in the next few weeks--no pictures right now, but I'll post pictures in the next day or two...

First, Ontario is going to be moving to Tucson, AZ. I never imagined that I would give him up...AGAIN...but indeed I will be giving him to somebody and he will no longer be living with me as my pet :( I don't quite know what to say about this! I am going to miss him more than I can even imagine at this point, but I know this is what his new mom needs and I know he will be extremely well cared for and loved--could I ask for anything more for him??? He's such a great dog and has brought so much happiness and joy to my life in the 2 years I've had him...I guess now it's time for him to do the same for his new mom. I know I will still hear about him and see him, but it is wierd to think that he will no longer be "mine".

Second, Edie had an evaluation with our CFR yesterday and passed with flying colors! She is a wonderful girl and I didn't expect anything less than to show our CFR how amazing she is...and Edie was amazing and pretty near perfect. So what does this mean??? This means that Edie is ready for the next step...she is ready to go to training to learn to be a guide dog! She will be going on the puppy truck to San Rafael on June 3. When I got her, I was told I was getting a naughty dog (my favorite), however, Edie has NEVER been a naughty girl for me. She is a sweet dog with a great personality who just wants to do what people ask her to do and get some lovin' in along with doing what she is supposed to do. She has been the PERFECT dog for me! I love this little girl and am going to miss her, but am excited for her to go to training and do what she was born to do!


Third, there are 11 more days of school and then I will have survived my first year as a teacher...but who's counting???

Thursday, May 14, 2009

15 more days

There are 15 more days of school for my students...but who's counting???

15 more days

There are 15 more days of school for me and my students...but who's counting???