Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So I have not introduced #11 yet, because I wanted to introduce the dog with pictures. I have not had time to take pictures and Mickelle took some last night that she was supposed to email to me so I could post them today...but her camera wasn't working...and then I realized that I didn't bring the cord for my camera, so I can't get any pictures off it either...but I guess I'll introduce the puppy now, and post some pictures next week...

#11 (maybe i'll just start referring to my pups as numbers...kind of like they refer to the president as what number they are/were)

Born: April 15, 2008
Parents: Neo/Bubbles
Sisters: Emmylou and Eloise
Color: Black
Personality: sweet and spunky

Story: I had planned to take a small break after Frisco left. Things at work are still new, and while I am getting used to it, I did not want to add a baby puppy into the mix. So I had been telling my CFR that I wanted a BLACK transfer dog. I wasn't in a big hurry or rush, but didn't want to wait too long either :) So a few weeks ago, my CFR told me about a dog in CA who needed a new raiser. We didn't know exactly how she was going to get here to UT, but in the all worked out and last thursday I picked up Edie at the San Francisco Airport. I flew a yellow lab named Wynette to San Francisco so she could go to a finisher raiser there and Lee (yes, the same Lee from the puppy truck) met me at the airport and I swapped Wynette for Edie and then I came home to Utah. So far Ontario loves her and she gets along great with him. She can chill when needed, but also has spunk and favorite kind of puppy!

I am thankful for...

PUPPIES!!! :) I am thankful for the wonderful puppies I have been blessed to raise over the past several years...that would be: Magician, Anya, Spence, Garvey, Brogan, Sonny, O'Connor, Carlisle, Ontario and Frisco...and #11 who I will tell you about in the next post...

This picture is O'Connor with his thanksgiving bandana!
I am also thankful for: Parents and family, My Job, my friends, my church and amazing shoes (yes I am a shoe junky). There are many other things I am very thankful for, but I'm not going to list them here :)

Friday, November 21, 2008


SO...I got to go pick up my new puppy in San Francisco. While I was in the airport waiting for my flight, I ran into a GDA puppy from Seattle named Newell(not so sure about the spelling). He was adorable and had a wonderfully beautiful face! He was a 14 month old black lab, going to some GDA charity event in Vegas and happened to have a lay-over in SFO.


So I got a new puppy (well, a transfer dog)...
And it follows the pattern (the one you didn't know existed)...
I'm not going to post pictures until next week,
And I'll include details with that post...
But I wanted you to know that I am not puppyless any longer!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

injury and puppy news

So I hurt my wrist. I didn't do anything specific...but it has been hurting for the past 3 weeks. Over the weekend it started getting much much worse. Of course it is my right hand (I am right handed) I couldn't turn on my car, unlock my car, type or braille (with my right hand). SO yesterday I went to the doctor. I messed up my tendons in my wrist and it has fluid stuff and inflamation in now I have a brace so I can't move it. Fun Fun!:)

I may have transfer puppy soon! I'm not going to say anything at all until I know for sure!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Goodbye Little Yellow Boy

So this morning was the dreaded day... I've had some pressing things for work to think about, so luckily I haven't been dwelling on Frisco leaving...until yesterday :(

Yesterday we didn't do anything especially exciting...I took Frisky shopping...spent WAY too much money and then took Frisk and Cricket to the puppytruck to walk the CO recall dogs. I walked Ballet, Adeline, Rona, and Larabee. Last night I slept on the floor with Frisco on one side of me and Ontario on the other. I kept waking up when Frisco would move so that he wouldn't be touching me anymore.

This morning I woke up to the sound of pouring rain and wind outside. I got ready to go to the puppy truck. When we got to the truck it was just sprinkling a bit, but wasn't Traci took some pictures of us in front of the truck. It was FREEZING!!!

We talked for a while to some of the other people who were at the truck and then when they were ready to go, I put Frisco in his cage with his favorite toy. He is in one of the top kennels. He seemed fine to go in the cage, but then wanted to get right out I could tell. I talked to him for a few minutes and kept giving him kisses on the face and he kept licking my face (which was moist...I'd like to pretend it was from the rain). I got off the truck, and then had to go say one more goodbye to him. Then the truck was off to Boise where the pups will get a walk, and then on to Pendleton Oregon where they will get another walk and dinner and go to bed. Tomorrow afternoon they will arrive on campus and start their new lives :( I miss my little yellow boy already. So the Thursday hunt for the phase report begins again.
I love you Frisk...see you soon buddy!