Monday, February 21, 2011

What have we here???

The Story: On Feb 2, I got an email from my CFR at GDB with the subject 3 Pups to UT? When I opened the email it said that there were 3 9 week old pups who could fly to UT on the 11th with a Guide Dog Employee when she came for our annual leader meeting. So of course, I immediately call my CFR and ask if I can start one of the pups. She immediately said yes and the next day sent me an email saying that my future starter pup would be MYL "R" born on 12/7. So on the 11th, I went to the airport to pick up "R". His parents are Alonzo and Holly. My CFR told me on Wednesday (I got him on a friday) that he had a great name with 3 letters. Rio was the only name I liked that started with R and had 3 I was happy that was actually his name! So far he's adorable and keeping me busy, he is mellow for the most part, but very independent! Cobb thinks he's a great toy that I brought home for him to play with.

So anyway, I have Rio for the next few months until he is ready for an adventure with another raiser.