Sunday, August 22, 2010

Carlos Amigos

I have not done justice for my Carlos on this blog so far. So here is a special post just for Carlos Amigos! He is an awesome puppy. He has been SO easy to raise up to this point. He's not without his quirks...just like any puppy, but I am so lucky to get to raise him as he's such a great puppy!
So first question is:
How does this... (8 week old carlos)

Turn into this:
5 month old Carlos
He definately looks older and more mature than the pudgy little puppy he was! He is still adorable...(of course). He is also likes many of the same past times that he enjoyed as an 8 week old puppy...such as sleeping on his back on his bed!

Carlos at 8 weeks on the fluffy bed sleeping on his back...
Carlos at 5 months laying on his back on the same bed...he takes up a little more space now than he did.
And here is Carlos' official 5 month old picture. He is so cute and such a good boy! He is a momma's boy and does exactly what I ask him to do and LOVES to please!

People laugh when I call him Carlos Amigos, but we joke Amigos is his middle name. He is a friend to all...people and dogs! He has a huge fan club of my nieces and nephews as well as my roommate and my grandma and my neighbors...ok, so everybody loves Carlos Amigos!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Fun #2

And road trip #2 the mammoth road trip! (be sure to read the previous post for road trip #1)

Once again, Joaquin and I embarked on a road trip. We drove from Salt Lake to Reno the first day and spent the night with some friends in Reno. The next day we drove to the Bay Area. First we stopped at GDB to return some old run down supplies and go sneak a peek at the baby puppies. We went to starbucks to kill time for a few hours and play on the computer. Then we met up with some friends and Joaquin met GDB puppy Jaffe. We picked another friend up at the airport with her puppy Carney and all went to dinner. We met the first GDB pup I raised, Magician and his handler for dinner...

The picture above is me with Joaquin on the left and Magician on the right. Magician will probably be retiring sometime in the next year. He will be 10 next month and has earned his retirement where he will continue to live with his handler.

The next day we rode the ferry into San Francisco...Joaquin assumed the usual position on the ferry and won over the coast guard guys (those are the boots you see in the picture)

We spent a few hours in Jail (Alcatraz of course!) Obviously, Joaquin didn't think the life of a convict suited him naturally we took the ferry back to the city by the bay where we were going to ride a cable car, but the line was too long, so we ended up walking to Market street to do a little shopping (not Joaquin's favorite part of the trip!)

Then we went to Fun Day where Joaquin had his family reunion...He met up with his mom, 2 brothers and 2 sisters...we met (in order of the picture I think...) Jigsaw, Lamara, Janie, Jingle, Jordie and Joaquin. Joaquin is the biggest of the brothers that we met. He looked just like the photo of his dad that we saw. His littermates and mom all seemed to be very nice dogs!

The day after Fun Day we had a lazy day cause we were exhausted! We just layed around the house most of the day, and then went into the city that night to see Wicked...which I loved and Joaquin slept thru.

We started our drive to Oregon and stayed in a hotel that night where Joaquin was perfect! The next morning we drove to Crater Lake which was beautiful!

Then we went to Portland to meet up with some of my family. With the family Joaquin and I went to the Oregon Coast...

We also went to Mount Saint Helens with the family. which was a lot of fun too! We went to Fun Day in Oregon, however, none of Joaquins siblings were there and I didn't take any pictures. Mickelle brought Carlos up to Fun day in Oregon, and took Joaquin home with her the next day. We had a great trip and Joaquin was EXCELLENT. I could not have been any more impressed and proud of my boy or asked for a better dog to accompany me on the trip.

Summer Fun #1

At the end of June I took Joaquin on a small road trip (in preparation for a much larger road trip)... We started in Utah, and picked up some friends in Vegas and then took them HERE:

That would be the Grand Canyon! And boy is it Grand. We went to the North Rim which is a few thousand feet higher than the more popular South Rim. We got there around sunset, but I thought it was cool that the moon was out...

Joaquin was NOT impressed with all the picture taking my friends needed to do, so assumed the usual position in the middle of the trail...

I got a few pictures of him, but he was tired from a LONG day of driving and he was looking kind of pathetic...but isn't he cute?

After Grand Canyon, we drove to Camp Bloomfield in Malibu, and spent a few days just hanging out in Southern California. Unfortunately it was really foggy while we were there, so we didn't get to go to the beach much like we had planned...but it was great to hang out with our old friends and see the familiar faces at camp. --and camp was excited to have Joaquin there for a few days too!