Sunday, August 22, 2010

Carlos Amigos

I have not done justice for my Carlos on this blog so far. So here is a special post just for Carlos Amigos! He is an awesome puppy. He has been SO easy to raise up to this point. He's not without his quirks...just like any puppy, but I am so lucky to get to raise him as he's such a great puppy!
So first question is:
How does this... (8 week old carlos)

Turn into this:
5 month old Carlos
He definately looks older and more mature than the pudgy little puppy he was! He is still adorable...(of course). He is also likes many of the same past times that he enjoyed as an 8 week old puppy...such as sleeping on his back on his bed!

Carlos at 8 weeks on the fluffy bed sleeping on his back...
Carlos at 5 months laying on his back on the same bed...he takes up a little more space now than he did.
And here is Carlos' official 5 month old picture. He is so cute and such a good boy! He is a momma's boy and does exactly what I ask him to do and LOVES to please!

People laugh when I call him Carlos Amigos, but we joke Amigos is his middle name. He is a friend to all...people and dogs! He has a huge fan club of my nieces and nephews as well as my roommate and my grandma and my neighbors...ok, so everybody loves Carlos Amigos!

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Becky said...

My Carlos you have grown since last time we saw you!