Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New year

So I know this is kind of late, but better late than never right? So here is what I've been up to...and also a little update on my brothers.
I have been a VERY good boy lately! Santa came and he brought mom some things, but didn't bring me anything. But Sola gave me a new bed, so it's all ok! I have been staying at my grandparents house and have been a very good boy! I have off leash priveledges at this house and that is awsome! I get to see Riley all the time, but he's grumpy, so I don't play with him.

Sonny was the demo dog at graduation a few weeks ago, so maybe me and mom will get to go see him again soon at his graduation. Carlisle is moving right along in the phases...hopefully he continues to do well.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Mom says that Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday where you get to eat lots of yummy food and as much of it as you want! Then you sit around with your family and complain how you ate too much food :) I can't even imagine what that's like! I sure hope there is enough food for me to eat all I want too, but for some reason, I don't think I'm THAT lucky. Mom says I have to go to a puppy sitter's house for Thanksgiving...I sure hope that they let me eat all I want (but for some reason, I still don't think I'm that lucky).

My girlfriend, Sola, gave me this bandana to help me be ready for Thanksgiving...isn't she so nice? When I wear this bandana, people think I am even cuter than usual, and they pet me all the time now! What a great life I have...well, except for the extra food that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get on Thanksgiving.

I supposed I should give you updates on my brothers...Sonny is in phase 10 (maybe he'll graduate this month!) and Carlisle is in phase 2, but he did get "cut" :( (poor guy)


Monday, October 30, 2006

busy days

It's been a few days since I wrote in here, so i guess I'll write again! Carlisle has been gone for almost 3 weeks now, and I'm getting used to being the only dog at home. I love getting to go everywhere with mom now though! I go to second grade with her everyday, then we go to college classes at night. At work I get to see a working guide dog and he is my buddy now! On saturday I got to go to see the movie The Prestige. I thought it was so-so. I slept through most of it, but there were a few parts that were exciting enough to wake me up and I just HAD to see them!

Sonny is in phase 8 now, so hopefully he graduates again, and then I will get to go to his graduation with Mom and see him again!

Carlisle is still in phase 1, but he hasn't been cut yet! Mom says that I don't ever want to be cut...but I don't know what that means!

Puppy wiggles,

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Little bit Depressed

So I'm a bit depressed since my doggy friends have all left me :( But here is a cute picture of me sleeping! Mom says I'm sleeping a lot lately, because I'm sad that I don't have any buddies to play with!
Puppy kisses, O'Connor

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Carlisle left today on the puppy truck to go to San Rafael, California. He wanted me to make sure that I posted a picture of one of his favorite places today...THE BUSH!

I'll write more tomorrow when I'm not so sad about my buddy being gone.

Sad Tail Wags, O'Connor

Sunday, October 08, 2006

sizes of the boys

For those of you who asked, or commented, or care...

Sonny was a whopping 14 pounds at 9 weeks when I got him. He only weighed 68 pounds in the picture of me and him in front of the puppy truck. So he wasn't small, but wasn't a monster either!

O'Connor was 12 pounds when I got him at 8 weeks. He weighs 55ish now at 7 months old.

I don't know how big Carlisle was as a baby, but he has stayed steady at 75-78ish pounds since I've had him. My guess is that he will be about 85 all filled out as an adult?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Here is Carlisle the day mom picked him up from the puppy truck!
Here is a picture of Mom and Sonny the day he the puppy truck!

Here I am the day mom picked me up at the puppy truck!
And here is Carlisle...he's 13 months old in this picture! Isn't he handsome? Almost as handsome as I am!


Finally some pictures!

Here is a picture of ME for all you people...Mom finally got the time and patience to get pictures of us up! I am 7 months in this picture. Puppy kisses and wags...O'Connor

Thursday, September 21, 2006

we're here!

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. Our mom started a new job and doesn't have a whole lot of extra time! Anyway, we are doing great. Carlisle will be going back to Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, on Oct. 11th. Mom says he's so ready...and we all agree! O'Connor is doing good too! Mom tells us that we are both such great boys! We've been going to second grade lately!

Carlise and O'Connor

Friday, September 01, 2006

San Rafael Bound

Mom has been telling us that Carlisle is going to college in San Rafael. She says that is where we were born, and she says that Carlisle is going to love college! He is leaving on October that's not very far away. Mom feels that he can handle it and will do great. Sonny is in college in OR and he is doing great is so excited to have 2 boys in college, but hopes that Sonny graduates soon after Carlisle goes to college, just because thursdays drive her crazy waiting for the reports on her boy...and when she has 2 boys there, it will just be too much! I don't have to go for training for a long long time! Mom says I'm perfect and that I will be great in training, but I'm only 6 months old, so I still have a lot to learn :) Don't tell Carlisle or Sonny or any of mom's other dogs, but she says I'm the "bestest boy ever!"...I love my mom!

O'Connor who is all better now and no more medicine!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dr. Weber

So, Mom took me to the vet on Thursday, and I had a little bit of a UTI. (urinary tract infection)... so I got some antibiotics...They are yummy treats! Mom says I'm the easiest dog she's ever had, when taking medication. I know I'm perfect...what can I say? I officially weighed in at 49 pounds! What a big boy I am! People keep thinking I'm going to be very big, but i'm the same size my brother Sonny was when he was my age, so I think I'll just be a little bit bigger than him. Dr. Weber loves me a lot! I didn't like her so much when she catheterized me, that was very uncomfortable, but I was brave and didn't cry. Carlisle got to go to the appointment too. Dr. Weber liked him too, but not as much as me! I'm cuter than Carlisle :) Mom says I'm the sweetest, bestest, most beautiful boy ever!

Oh, and i'm not playing the tag game...I'm a party pooper, so stop trying to tag me!


PS. Mom wants to know how to post pictures on this thing...I can't figure it out, and neither can she...but I really want everybody to see how cute I am!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So my mom says I'm so cute, but that something is wrong with me! I just say I don't feel very good right now. I keep going to the door, (because I'm perfect and never have accidents in the house) and she takes me outside and I try to do my business, but nothing happens :( So I have to go to a person called Dr. Weber tomorrow. Mom likes her a lot and used to work with Dr. Weber, i've seen her a few times now, because I had an eye infection and also for shots. She's pretty nice...she talks to me a lot and gives me lots of kisses...she says I'm her favorite out of all mom's puppies...of course I'm her favorite! I'm everybody's favorite :)

Carlisle gets to meet Dr. Weber...he's never seen her before and he doesn't get to be checked by her, because he feels just fine, but he has to come with us to see her tomorrow, because we are staying at grandma and grandpa's house tonight and are going to see Dr. Weber on our way Carlisle gets to go too... I hope Dr. Weber makes me feel better!

Sick puppy kisses

Friday, August 11, 2006


This is Carlisle, and can I just say that sleeping on feet is the best thing ever? I love sleeping on my mom's feet, or O'Connor's feet :) So anyway, not much is up with us right now. Mom says we get to start going to work with her next week...that will be fun, but only if I get to sleep on her feet :) anyway, mom says we are being very very good boys and that she loves us so much! We are waiting for her to get a roomate...hopefully somebody comes along soon! We want another person to play with sometimes :)

puppy wags...Carlisle

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well, I guess I should say brother, O'Connor is always posting on here and signing my name...but I've never actually posted here I go...

I'm Carlisle...Pretty much my new mom loves me and thinks I'm great! I only have one problem, but that is not to be shared publicly :) I love going out and taking care of my mom. She is the best thing ever!

She says I have to go now...something about school...ugggg!


Monday, July 31, 2006

Look at this!

Wow, look at this! It is the second day in a row, when I have remembered to write in the blog! I lost my first canine tooth this now I only have 3 fangs! Wahoo :) Carlisle made fun of me cause I look funny now...oh, well, he smells funny so we're even.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Well, did you notice that our blog is all green? That's because our puppy coats are green :) Mom will have to help us decorate a bit better when she has more time to waste at grandma's house this week! Look for updates!

We are going to bug mom to update at least once a week...we'll see how that goes!

Puppy licks, wiggles and wags,

O'Connor and Carlisle and Sonny, but he's at college

darn...maybe I'll update my blog

Well, Sonny is gone, so we need to update the blog for him. He went to GDB (Guide dog college...) on July 11th. He is doing well though and we are guessing that he passed all his health checks! Mom misses him, but she's crazy...why should she miss him when she has us? I guess we should introduce ourselves...

First, I'm O'Connor, I came in April to be raised by Lindsey. I'm a male black lab and I am a whopping 5 months old now! I'm very cute and sweet...everybody LOVES me! I was great friends with Sonny, before he had to go away for college, mom was worried I would miss Sonny, so she got me a new friend when Sonny left...

Carlisle is my new friend. He came the same day Sonny left. I like him alot! He's not quite as fun as Sonny...Carlisle is more mellow like me, but that's okay, it's easier on mom if we are calm and mellow...then she doesn't get sick of us :) Carlisle is also a black lab...he is older though...he's 11 months old and he will only be here until October...then mom has to do something called Student Teaching in the Spring, so she said she's not bringing me home any friends :( Oh, well! More attention for me!

So there ya update! I'll try to update more...and get some pictures up this week when we are at grandma's house!

puppy licks (licking is my new thing)

O'Connor and I guess Carlisle would like to sign as well...even though he's at home!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Sonny Says...

Well, my mom is making me create a blog...even though I only have a few months left with her! Can you believe that? I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Sonny and I'm a special puppy (at least that's what my mom says). I am a black lab puppy in training to be a guide dog. I really really love attention, my mom told me I would get lots of attention if I made a blog, so that's what I'm doing :) Actually, my mom says this is not only for me, but for my 4 brothers and 1 sister who came before me...and for my new little brother who is going to come live with me in 6 days! You mom has an addiction, it's called PRAD...puppy raising addiction disorder, some symptoms include, but are not limited to;
  • chewed up furniture in the house
  • dog bowls and water in the middle of the kitchen
  • more dog beds than people beds
  • a basket full of dog toys
  • a 40 gal. tupperware thing of "guide dog junk" in the trunk of the car
  • a puppy who goes everywhere at all times
  • calling into work because "the puppy is sick"

I think she's crazy, but that's okay, because I love her anyway!

Puppy wags and licks,