Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So my mom says I'm so cute, but that something is wrong with me! I just say I don't feel very good right now. I keep going to the door, (because I'm perfect and never have accidents in the house) and she takes me outside and I try to do my business, but nothing happens :( So I have to go to a person called Dr. Weber tomorrow. Mom likes her a lot and used to work with Dr. Weber, i've seen her a few times now, because I had an eye infection and also for shots. She's pretty nice...she talks to me a lot and gives me lots of kisses...she says I'm her favorite out of all mom's puppies...of course I'm her favorite! I'm everybody's favorite :)

Carlisle gets to meet Dr. Weber...he's never seen her before and he doesn't get to be checked by her, because he feels just fine, but he has to come with us to see her tomorrow, because we are staying at grandma and grandpa's house tonight and are going to see Dr. Weber on our way Carlisle gets to go too... I hope Dr. Weber makes me feel better!

Sick puppy kisses

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