Monday, September 21, 2009

Prevent Labor Day...Spay (and neuter) Today!!!

Today was the day that every puppy (and maybe raiser?) looks forward to...the day they get "fixed"... for the males this means the brain fairy comes and they can start thinking with their head instead of with their...other parts. Of course, for the females this means they won't ever have to go into heat or worry about the labor part of having a litter of puppies!!!

Donovan and Monet got "fixed!!!"

Here is Donovan sporting his yellow with green bones
bandage from the IV

And here is Monet sporting the same type of bandage.
I think maybe she was a little put off that they didn't have
anything more girly!
Mickelle and I dropped the puppies off at 8am this morning and I picked them up when I was done with work at 4. The vet said they both were very good patients and that both surgeries were great and went off without any problems! Both pups have been very very mellow this afternoon and evening, I'm expecting them to be back to their normal selves within a day or two.

Donovan and Monet

Please excuse the devil eyes in the picture below...

Some of you may have heard about the SLC school program, where students in Utah have a guide dog puppy raising class and actually get high school credit for raising puppies. This is the third year of the program, and it's been very neat! Anyway, so in the spring, raisers in UT and CO are asked if they would be willing to "start" a puppy for this program. The students get their puppies who are around 7 months old at the end of September after being in school for a month. Donovan was one of the puppies who was started for this program. Mickelle and I have been puppysitting him for the past week and will have him until Friday when we will give him to his high school raiser. He is from CO and is a VERY sweet boy! We like him a lot and think he will be a great school puppy.

being domesticated

Cooking is something that makes me happy. I love to make up new healthier recipes for my favorite meals. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I also like to try making new foods which is what me and my roomate did on Friday night...we made Swiss Cheese Fondue...

First we had to gather the ingredients...which was fun because we needed
Chardonnay (I have never drank alcohol in my life...or been to the liquor store)
So my roommates and I headed to the liquor store...and we were quite excited
when we got was fun!
So we grated the cheese and mixed it with cornstarch...
(then it went into the pot with the bubbling wine/garlic combo)
Then we made a healthy salad to go along with our not so healthy
cheesy goodness!!!
This is the picture of the cheese mixing with the wine...
...and then of course we ate the fondue with french bread...
it was delicious, but I learned a few things...
1. When you decide to make fondue...have a fondue can do it on the stove, but once it starts cooling off, it gets hard and isn't so easy to dip the bread into...
2. After all the clogging artery goodness that is fondue...make sure you have something healthy like salad...makes you feel better about yourself for eating the cheese and bread...
3. perhaps in the future make cheese fondue--but also make chocolate fondue to have with fruit...
4. be prepared to feel like you need to walk for days to work off the calories from the fondue...

Friday, September 11, 2009

crazy dog!

I was laying in my new bed reading one night, and looked
down at Monet in her bed sleeping like this...

I found it entertaining, because she is typically NOT a back sleeper!
Maybe she was hot??? I don't know, but I haven't seen her sleep like this

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

After church today, I decided to go visit the Bountiful Temple.

It was a beautiful afternoon and of course Monet came along!
It was kind of warm, so by the end, Monet was panting--which is
why her mouth is open in this picture!
There are beautiful flower beds at the Temple!

Isn't Monet a cute girl?

She is SO much more cooperative in taking pictures than
Edie was! Monet is such a great girl and is growing up pretty
fast! Her 7 month day is coming up!
We enjoyed our peaceful visit to the Temple today!!!

pictures of Monet

Six things I love about Monet:
1. She ALWAYS comes when called--no matter what!
2. She is sweet...she would love to live her life in your lap with you petting her.
3. She is goofy...she makes us laugh constantly with her cute antics.
4. She has incredible house manners.
5. She is a quick learner.
6. Monet loves us!
Isn't she cute!