Monday, September 21, 2009

Prevent Labor Day...Spay (and neuter) Today!!!

Today was the day that every puppy (and maybe raiser?) looks forward to...the day they get "fixed"... for the males this means the brain fairy comes and they can start thinking with their head instead of with their...other parts. Of course, for the females this means they won't ever have to go into heat or worry about the labor part of having a litter of puppies!!!

Donovan and Monet got "fixed!!!"

Here is Donovan sporting his yellow with green bones
bandage from the IV

And here is Monet sporting the same type of bandage.
I think maybe she was a little put off that they didn't have
anything more girly!
Mickelle and I dropped the puppies off at 8am this morning and I picked them up when I was done with work at 4. The vet said they both were very good patients and that both surgeries were great and went off without any problems! Both pups have been very very mellow this afternoon and evening, I'm expecting them to be back to their normal selves within a day or two.

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