Sunday, September 06, 2009

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

After church today, I decided to go visit the Bountiful Temple.

It was a beautiful afternoon and of course Monet came along!
It was kind of warm, so by the end, Monet was panting--which is
why her mouth is open in this picture!
There are beautiful flower beds at the Temple!

Isn't Monet a cute girl?

She is SO much more cooperative in taking pictures than
Edie was! Monet is such a great girl and is growing up pretty
fast! Her 7 month day is coming up!
We enjoyed our peaceful visit to the Temple today!!!


Brittany said...

Do they allow PIT's in the temple? I had never even thought about it!

lindsey said...


I would never even try to take my PIT in the temple...just the temple grounds.

Becky said...

Brittany - Unfortunately no - not guides either. Lindsey -- you were so close to us! We often go walking along Btfl Blvd on Sunday evening.

Brittany said...

Thanks for the answers ladies! I kind of figured you meant just the temple grounds, but didn't know.