Tuesday, July 22, 2008

more of camp

So since I wrote last we had Elementary Camp and Multi-disabled camp. Elementary camp was a lot of fun. The session lasted for 6 days and the campers were from ages 5-12ish. I did periods of guide dogs where I would teach the kids about guide dogs and we walked the dogs around camp. The kids seemed to have a really fun time with it and learned a little about dogs and guide dogs. We also had the summer festival during this time. Some people from GDB came for the Festival and I got to hang out at the GDB booth area for a little while. For most of the day I got to drive the "cushman" which is the little golf cart we have here at camp. There is a steep hill that some people don't want to walk up--or can't walk up, so I shuttled them up and down on the Cushman. It was fun to drive because I got to meet a lot of the public and share my love of camp with them! 
The break after Elementary Camp, I stayed here at camp. We went to dinner and shopping and played laser tag one of the afternoons. 
For the last 3 days we have had Multi-Disabled camp. We had adults and kids, who were quite involved...most of them had aides to help them with the activities. It was a fun session and it's always fun to see the peoples faces and see what camp does for them! 
I'm excited for this next session which will be Junior Camp. I have some fun things planned for the session!

On another note...I was talking to my mom on Friday and I have a new nephew! He wasn't due until August 4th, but some things happened and surprise!!! We have a new member of the Brown Family. His name is Ryan William Brown. He has 2 older sisters who are all so excited for him and from what I hear everything is going very well! 

Monday, July 07, 2008

Here I am at Camp Boomfield

We had our first 2 sessions at Camp...Family Camp and Adult Camp. Both sessions were good and Frisco is being a very good boy! Camp is a lot to handle for a puppy, but all the pups this year are doing VERY well! It is definately easier having an older puppy for camp. 
I have been to the beach several times, which is definately the highlight of my time in Malibu. If I didn't love Utah Mountains so much, I think I would be VERY tempted to move somewhere to the beach! My legs are VERY tan...for me :) wahoo!
Last Monday we went to one of the girls houses and took the doggies swimming in her swimming pool! Frisco wasn't a huge fan of the pool, but he swam well and I think he could be a water dog if we had the opportunity to go swimming more often.
I don't have pictures yet again...but I will try to get some soon...Right now I'm in San Diego with some friends, so hopefully we'll take some pictures and I'll be able to post pictures on my next break!