Monday, July 07, 2008

Here I am at Camp Boomfield

We had our first 2 sessions at Camp...Family Camp and Adult Camp. Both sessions were good and Frisco is being a very good boy! Camp is a lot to handle for a puppy, but all the pups this year are doing VERY well! It is definately easier having an older puppy for camp. 
I have been to the beach several times, which is definately the highlight of my time in Malibu. If I didn't love Utah Mountains so much, I think I would be VERY tempted to move somewhere to the beach! My legs are VERY tan...for me :) wahoo!
Last Monday we went to one of the girls houses and took the doggies swimming in her swimming pool! Frisco wasn't a huge fan of the pool, but he swam well and I think he could be a water dog if we had the opportunity to go swimming more often.
I don't have pictures yet again...but I will try to get some soon...Right now I'm in San Diego with some friends, so hopefully we'll take some pictures and I'll be able to post pictures on my next break!


Kelsey and Spike said...

Glad camp is going well, and Frisco is being a good little camping partner! :D

Anna and Lawrence said...

Oh good! I'm glad to have an update!

Fantine had an eval yesterday and she did very very well. Her raiser says she's really close to going into heat, and I'm still cheering for her to be a breeder...

Becky said...

Glad camp is going well!! So good to hear an update . . we've been wondering about you. Our daughter, Natalie lives in San Diego -- enjoy!!

Love, Becky & Cricket