Tuesday, July 22, 2008

more of camp

So since I wrote last we had Elementary Camp and Multi-disabled camp. Elementary camp was a lot of fun. The session lasted for 6 days and the campers were from ages 5-12ish. I did periods of guide dogs where I would teach the kids about guide dogs and we walked the dogs around camp. The kids seemed to have a really fun time with it and learned a little about dogs and guide dogs. We also had the summer festival during this time. Some people from GDB came for the Festival and I got to hang out at the GDB booth area for a little while. For most of the day I got to drive the "cushman" which is the little golf cart we have here at camp. There is a steep hill that some people don't want to walk up--or can't walk up, so I shuttled them up and down on the Cushman. It was fun to drive because I got to meet a lot of the public and share my love of camp with them! 
The break after Elementary Camp, I stayed here at camp. We went to dinner and shopping and played laser tag one of the afternoons. 
For the last 3 days we have had Multi-Disabled camp. We had adults and kids, who were quite involved...most of them had aides to help them with the activities. It was a fun session and it's always fun to see the peoples faces and see what camp does for them! 
I'm excited for this next session which will be Junior Camp. I have some fun things planned for the session!

On another note...I was talking to my mom on Friday and I have a new nephew! He wasn't due until August 4th, but some things happened and surprise!!! We have a new member of the Brown Family. His name is Ryan William Brown. He has 2 older sisters who are all so excited for him and from what I hear everything is going very well! 

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Anna and Lawrence said...

Congrats on the new family member!! And camp sounds like great fun!!