Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good-bye Monet, Hello Spring!

Sweet little girl Monet was career changed. She made it very clear to us that she just didn't want to be a guide dog. She was a very happy, fun dog to raise...I loved every minute of having her, even if she taught me MUCH more than I could have ever taught her even if I'd have had her for her whole life! Monet loves life! She loves to have fun and kick back and relax and just do whatever you want! I sometimes think of her as the "Cindy Lauper" know the "girls just want to have fun!" dog :) I miss Monet like crazy. I am hoping that she will go on to be a dog with a job still, but we will see!!!

So anyway, for my spring break I went on a trip to Oregon to visit friends and family, and also to drop Monet off at the GDB campus. The above picture is the morning that I dropped Monet off on campus. She was not being real cooperative for pictures and this was the best shot I got...and she has her lip funny! Oh well...fits her personality! :) Man I love that girl! Good luck Monet!!!

So...I was in Oregon for 6 days! It snowed the day before I left for Oregon, so I was pleasantly surprised and delighted when there were actually blooming flowers in Oregon!!! I convinced my aunt and uncle to go to the tulip festival with me and it was SO pretty! So that's where the tulip pictures come from.

And this last picture is another one of Monet. When we got Joaquin and Monet saw him cross his front paws, she just figured that she wanted in on that cuteness as well. She never crossed them as frequently as Joaquin, but did do it quite often. One of my favorite things about Monet was how she was a cuddler...often at night I sit on the floor in my bedroom in front of my little space heater (no need for the heater as it's warming up) and read a book...Monet would come lay down half in my lap everytime she saw me there. She loved to lay in front of the heater. Anyway, this picture was taken one time when I was on the floor and she decided to lay on the bed. I asked her to come lay by me and she crossed her was cute!