Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dr. Weber

So, Mom took me to the vet on Thursday, and I had a little bit of a UTI. (urinary tract infection)... so I got some antibiotics...They are yummy treats! Mom says I'm the easiest dog she's ever had, when taking medication. I know I'm perfect...what can I say? I officially weighed in at 49 pounds! What a big boy I am! People keep thinking I'm going to be very big, but i'm the same size my brother Sonny was when he was my age, so I think I'll just be a little bit bigger than him. Dr. Weber loves me a lot! I didn't like her so much when she catheterized me, that was very uncomfortable, but I was brave and didn't cry. Carlisle got to go to the appointment too. Dr. Weber liked him too, but not as much as me! I'm cuter than Carlisle :) Mom says I'm the sweetest, bestest, most beautiful boy ever!

Oh, and i'm not playing the tag game...I'm a party pooper, so stop trying to tag me!


PS. Mom wants to know how to post pictures on this thing...I can't figure it out, and neither can she...but I really want everybody to see how cute I am!

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M*Dogs said...

When you're posting click on the picture symbol- it's like the 3rd or 4 th button from the right above the actual posting field. then it will show you from there :)