Friday, September 01, 2006

San Rafael Bound

Mom has been telling us that Carlisle is going to college in San Rafael. She says that is where we were born, and she says that Carlisle is going to love college! He is leaving on October that's not very far away. Mom feels that he can handle it and will do great. Sonny is in college in OR and he is doing great is so excited to have 2 boys in college, but hopes that Sonny graduates soon after Carlisle goes to college, just because thursdays drive her crazy waiting for the reports on her boy...and when she has 2 boys there, it will just be too much! I don't have to go for training for a long long time! Mom says I'm perfect and that I will be great in training, but I'm only 6 months old, so I still have a lot to learn :) Don't tell Carlisle or Sonny or any of mom's other dogs, but she says I'm the "bestest boy ever!"...I love my mom!

O'Connor who is all better now and no more medicine!


thepuppyraiser said...
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lindsey said...

Sonny is doing great...Only Carlisle gets the road trip to CA this time...O'Connor will get to go on the road trips for graduation! :)