Sunday, July 30, 2006

darn...maybe I'll update my blog

Well, Sonny is gone, so we need to update the blog for him. He went to GDB (Guide dog college...) on July 11th. He is doing well though and we are guessing that he passed all his health checks! Mom misses him, but she's crazy...why should she miss him when she has us? I guess we should introduce ourselves...

First, I'm O'Connor, I came in April to be raised by Lindsey. I'm a male black lab and I am a whopping 5 months old now! I'm very cute and sweet...everybody LOVES me! I was great friends with Sonny, before he had to go away for college, mom was worried I would miss Sonny, so she got me a new friend when Sonny left...

Carlisle is my new friend. He came the same day Sonny left. I like him alot! He's not quite as fun as Sonny...Carlisle is more mellow like me, but that's okay, it's easier on mom if we are calm and mellow...then she doesn't get sick of us :) Carlisle is also a black lab...he is older though...he's 11 months old and he will only be here until October...then mom has to do something called Student Teaching in the Spring, so she said she's not bringing me home any friends :( Oh, well! More attention for me!

So there ya update! I'll try to update more...and get some pictures up this week when we are at grandma's house!

puppy licks (licking is my new thing)

O'Connor and I guess Carlisle would like to sign as well...even though he's at home!

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