Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yay for Breaks...

So I met the nurse the other day and she is very nice. She is actually a nurse practitioner, which is what I've seen as a doctor for sinus infections and small things, so that's really comforting. We talked about how to help kids out when they get hurt or sick or stuff for sure :)

Yesterday I didn't feel good. I had a headache and sore throat all day. The headache went away, but I still have the sore throat. I haven't been taking my allergy medicine, so I'm wondering if that's my problem? I'll talk to the nurse about it on tuesday when she comes back.

Yesterday we also got to do the activities. I didn't because I lead an activity...but I did get to do some archery :) I hit the target everytime! Wahoo! :) I cleaned out the arts and crafts shed and threw a LOT of junk was so nice. So now I have my list of things I need and things I already have and a clean shed so I can actually find things :) YAY!!! It was kind of hot yesterday...but nothing like Utah, so no problems there :)

Ontario is being very good. Everybody still loves him and he seems pretty happy here!

Hopefully tomorrow i'll catch some time where I can put some pictures up!

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Emily and Ellis said...

Do keep us updated on camp! I might like to work there some summer. (If they don't say I'm too old!)