Monday, December 31, 2007

What we (the dogs and I) did in 2007

Sorry...there are NO PICTURES in this post, I will post pictures later this week.

  • Started school...again! (almost for the last time!)
  • Ontario was born to Philly and Antoine
  • Carlisle got career changed


  • Sonny's 2nd b-day (still in the kennels at that point)
  • O'Connor's 1st b-day
  • Got O'Connor's recall notice for April
  • picked up Sonny's brother, Sprite, from the airport and housed him for 1 1/2 weeks until his raisers could get here to pick him up!


  • Found out that I was getting MGSD "O"
  • Sonny went to class
  • I went skiing with my 2nd grade class every tuesday
  • picked up Mr. "O"...Ontario!


  • Visited friends and family in Oregon
  • Presented Sonny to his partner as a working guide dog
  • Returned O'Connor to the Boring, OR campus for his formal training
  • Flew with O'Connor
  • Passed my classes for the semester


  • Visited with a dear friend in Phoenix, AZ (first time I ever went to Phoenix)
  • Got hired as the Arts and Crafts Activity Leader at Camp Bloomfield
  • Attended a military funeral for my cousin (not so fun, but very neat and sad)
  • Dog/house-sat for the entire month
  • Said "goodbye" to my 2nd grade class at the end of the school year
  • Prepared Ontario for Camp


  • moved home with my parents for 2 weeks (just about killed me! ;))
  • Drove to Malibu with some friends to go to camp
  • visited Anya, Melissa, David and Greta
  • Swam in the ocean for the 1st time!
  • Met a lot of wonderful new people at camp


  • Visited Alisa in CA
  • Visited Tricia in Durango
  • O'Connor made it to phase 4 and passed all breeder exams and became an official breeder
  • O'Connor was bred to Trina
  • I went to Disneyland and Universal Studios
  • Ontario loved camp :)


  • Went to CA Fun Day with Ontario and some other people
  • Flew home for 2 days to see my neices
  • Went to San Francisco with somebody who had never been there before and walked 7 miles through the city to get to the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Got home from camp
  • Started my last semester of my Bachelors Degree Career


  • Found a house to live in that had a fenced in yard for Ontario
  • Ontario got neutered
  • Started my student teaching
  • O'Connor was retired from breeding and put back in training
  • O'Connor and Trina had 5 yellow puppies-Frisco, Fulbright, Fantine, Fontina, and Fritzie
  • Ontario was a very good boy at his evaluations!


  • student teaching for me...all day everyday monday-friday
  • went to a conference and ontario was very good


  • My second mom died
  • Presented on Guide Dogs at a conference-once again, Ontario was great
  • Picked up Frisco
  • Ate way too much food at Thanksgiving with my family


  • Finished Student teaching
  • Finished College
  • pulled off the GDB holiday party that I had been planning with my CFR
  • Saw my 6 neices and 2 nephews (I had never seen my nephews before)
  • Ate way too much food over the holidays

So yeah...that was my year in a nutshell! The good and bad...but it was a year right? LOL

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