Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow Pictures

It has been quite warm here the past week or two...I was even thinking of pulling out my capri's and shorts...alas...not that lucky! Last night it snowed! It was okay that it snowed though, because I haven't gotten any real good pictures of my puppies in the snow...but here they are! The pictures that any good puppy raised in UT should have ;) SNOW pictures!!!

Does this not remind you of a certain black face that is pictured with Tulips???
And just HOW priceless is this face???
They were watching some ducks and seagulls...isn't it a wonderful photo though???
They have such adorable profiles!
Ontario looking a bit bewildered :) His normal look that I will always remember!
So anyway...the boys weren't the happiest with their photo shoot...but they decided to comply after a while :) I love them and they did great with all the distractions at the park and those distractions made for some wonderful photos! :)


Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

They are so handsome! What a pair!

thepuppyraiser said...

My goodness, I love them both--so adorable! I've got two I'll trade for yours ;)