Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last night I was talking to Ontario and he was cauking his head and it was cute...and since yesterday was the 2 year anniversary since I got Ontario as a 10 week old baby and the first pictures I have of him he was doing the same thing... (he still has very big ears, sometimes they don't seem so big...but they really are as big as they are in pictures. At 2 years and 2 months...i don't think he has potential to "grow into them")

Isn't he beautiful? SO handsome!!!

That's the life...he knew what he was doing when he failed GDB school :)

Edie sleeping in the "pretty pretty princess" bed (2 costco beds stacked)

Does she not look soooo comfortable???

She LOVES laying on her bed!

Pretty Profile!

I guess she's winking with that right eye???

Pretty girl on her bed!

Hopefully this makes up for the lack of pictures AND posting in the past few weeks. I've been really sick this past week, so me and the dogs did A LOT of this "resting" stuff! They are such angels though, especially Edie. She has been so curious and sweet to check on me very often and just to make sure I was alive. She is going to be an incredible dog for somebody in a few months! Whether it's as a guide or as a pet or a k9 buddy or d4d dog. I really think she will be a girl with a job, but she is just the sweetest dog! She is approaching her first b-day in 15 days. Of course we are going to find some good photo shoots in the next few weeks, so look for more pictures to come of the pretty girl!


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Ontario IS a very handsome dog, big ears and all! I know my whole family would love a German shepherd someday. Are they more difficult than Labs?

Becky said...

So sweet - Cricket sends her love.

Lani said...

Waffle loves her pretty, pretty princess bed too! spoiled dog, she refused to sleep on a single bed anymore.