Saturday, January 23, 2010

growing up...

I'll post pictures tomorrow...but for now here's a little on what I love about my puppies today!!!

* She is SO sweet and loves to cuddle and be in your lap! (this is a huge accomplishment cause when she first came she really wanted nothing to do with any type of body handling...)

* She has an AMAZING recall!!! --seriously the best recall ever

* Her obedience is superb.

* I love that when Monet is being a puppy and maybe not on her best behavior--and knows she's going to get in trouble she runs to the "go to bed" bed and lays down like she wasn't doing anything at all.

* I love that she does crazy things sometimes that make me smile and often laugh out loud.

* I love that she has SO much personality!

*I love the look in his eyes that is always guilty--it's adorable!

*I love how excited he gets to eat because for the first few days we had him he wasn't interested in his food.

* I love how BIG he is getting, but how gentle he remains!

* I love how when he is walking around the house I always know where he is because I can hear the quiet "thump, thump, thump" of his feet prodding along!

I think that puppy raising is one of the best "jobs" in the world! I have met such incredible people through GDB and because of my involvement in raising puppies! It has truly changed my life...raising puppies rerouted my plan for my life and I have grown up a lot since I became a puppy raiser! Most of all...I LOVE my puppies!!!

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Becky said...

Oh such a fun post about your puppies. Still need to meet them one of these days! I also am grateful for the many incredible people I have met (you included) that wouldn't of without GDB!