Saturday, September 25, 2010

Adios Carlos Amigos :(

Carlos went to his new raiser on Friday. He is going to a program in Salt Lake City, where high school kids raise puppies as part of a class and they always get started puppies, so they don't have to worry about the puppy having baby puppy accidents and stuff. I agreed to start Carlos for this program, but was uncertain that he would go to the program, until the last month, since there are always more dogs started than will be needed. Carlos was a real special boy for me. I was pretty smitten with him from the minute he got off the truck and we just clicked... I have had a few other dogs who I was bonded to like Carlos, so if his new raiser is reading this, I sure hope she knows and realizes how lucky she is!

The night before Carlos left, I went to take some fall pictures of him...I don't have photoshop, and had to use the flash, cause it was getting too dark not to (and I have many blurry pictures to prove my point on this) anyway, sorry about the devil eyes... but here is beautiful Carlos.

And this is my 18 month old nephew with Carlos. This kid LOVES dogs. When he sees my puppies he gets so excited and just loves playing with them and watching them. Right before this picture was taken, I looked over at Carlos and my nephew, and Car was chillin' on his back and my nephew was laying right next to him just lovin' him up. Everybody just loves Carlos!
My roommate and I always called Carlos, Carlos Amigos...I don't really know why, but it's kind of fun to say I guess, and he just became Carlos Amigos! And it just fit...He is a sweet, sweet, sensitive, cuddly, well behaved, awesome puppy! So for now, Adios Amigos...hopefully I'll get to puppysit him at some point and his adventures on this blog will not be over. I love that dog! He's special!

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