Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad Dog Mom

Two days ago, June 26, 2011 was Cobb's 1st birthday. The above picture was taken back in December by Lisa Thompson who is the former leader of my puppy club.

I never imagined how much this little boy would steal my heart! As a puppy raiser you love all your puppies, but some pups are just different! Late last August, my puppy raising life was going pretty fantastically. I was co-raising my wonderful Joaquin, and had my awesome puppy Carlos who I had just been told wasn't going to the High School Program (much to my relief)...I was all set to finish co-raising Joaquin, and finish raising Carlos until this spring at which time I would get another puppy... I was told that Carlos was staying! Yay! The same night my CFR told me that I got to keep Carlos, she asked if I had any other raisers who would be willing to get a new puppy the next week to fly out with a breeder pup (they like to fly 2 pups together...) I didn't have any raisers in my club and no other clubs had another raiser either as the puppy truck had just come 2 weeks earlier! The next day the leader of the school program told me that they did need Carlos because another school raiser had surfaced and Carlos was the only other pup for the program. I was crushed! So after thinking for a day about what I was going to do...I asked my CFR if I could have that other puppy flying out the next week and she said of course! That was on Friday...and on Wednesday Sept. 1, I got Cobb! I had no clue how special this little puppy was going to become for me. I just adore Cobb and have LOVED his personality. I don't know what his future holds, whether it is to be a guide dog, or to be my dog forever...but I do know that whatever it is...it will be fabulous! Cobb, Cobby, Cobster-bobster, Cobber, Cute-boy and Happy Dog...I hope that you had a happy birthday and enjoyed the extra food, cuddle time and extra long walk!

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Shelly :) said...

Happy 1st Birthday Cobb! :)