Thursday, September 29, 2011

See Ya Later Sweet Boy!

Cobb on 3 beds stacked together...he's not spoiled or anything!

Cobb's goodbye pictures, he is looking less than thrilled in this pic.

These last 2 pictures make Cobb look very puppyish. He still has the adorable round ears and cute face that he had when he came 13 months ago!

a few weeks ago, we were going to my parents house and had a full car, so the puppies got to ride on the back seat of the car. I stopped at a light and looked back and they were sleeping like this. I thought it was SO cute!

If you didn't catch it from the title of the post, Cobb is leaving tomorrow. He is going to Colorado to be evaluated by my CFR. He is a very very sweet and tender-hearted boy, so we will see what he chooses to do! At any rate, his puppy raising days in my home are over and I will see him again in November when he comes thru Utah on the puppy truck on his way to training at GDB! So it really is "see ya later little buddy!"

I will miss Cobb immensely. He has been an awesome puppy to raise and I will be glad to see what he chooses to do in his future!

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