Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sonny is a Guide Dog!!!!

Sonny graduated on April 7th from the OR campus of GDB. He went to a wonderful man who lives in Seattle and completely adores him! :) Graduation day was awsome! Sonny was very excited to see me and jumped all over me! (naughty dog...but can you blame him? I was his mommy for 16 months!) Anyway, Sonny looked wonderful and he was still very excitable, however, he was very nice in harness and when his handler got serious and it was time for work, Sonny worked excellent and was VERY proud of his work too! :) My friend took lots of pictures, so I have to get the pictures from her, and then I will post them on here :) But just for is a picture of the boy when he was about 12 months old :)

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