Sunday, May 06, 2007

Proper Introduction

I haven't properly introduced here is a proper introduction for him...

Ontario was born in San Rafael, California to Philly and Antoine. He was born on January 19th 2007. His parents are both black and tan GSD's and he followed suit and is a black and tan GSD. He has one sister...Oceana. It was very obvious when I picked Ontario up from the puppy truck, that he was a push over and let his sister eat all the food! She is much much much fuzzier and has much longer fur than Ontario. She also outweighed him at that time.

Ontario is a good little puppy when he wants to be...sometimes I feel like Jenny with Truman...looking all over the house for the puppy who fits along the lines of "that day he loved me" :)

Many have asked how raising a GSD is different than raising a lab. The only HUGE differences I see are that Ontario doesn't inhale his food (sometimes he doesn't even eat everything that I give him) and he NEVER licks the bowl clean :) I also notice him being much more sensitive and aware of things going on around him than my labs have been. He is NOT what I expected at all though...much better than I thought he would be! Thank goodness! :)


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MK said...

Hearing about Ontario makes me all nostalgic. I love me some GSDs. Haha. I just hope for your sake Ontario doesn't get any pickier with food. We had major eating probs with my first GSD pup. Give his big pointy ears a scratch for me! Can I link to you?

-MK & black lab Edgar

Brittany said...

Hey Lindsey! Congrats on getting a GSD! How is Ontario doing? He is such a cute puppy.