Saturday, September 01, 2007

Camp and Life

So...I know, I know! It's been way too long since I updated this thing and I promised pictures and didn't post any...but today's the day you've all been waiting for! :) Camp was AWSOME! If anybody ever gets a chance to go, and likes that kind of thing, I would highly recommend it! Come on...Summer in Malibu??? DOES IT GET ANY BETTER???

Anyway, so there were 7 different sessions of camp. We started and ended the summer with Family camp...which meant that about 20 different families who had a blind or visually impaired member (parent or child) would come to camp for 5-6 days. (there were 2 sessions of family camp) I think Family camps were my favorite. Each family camp had a talent show, beach day, parent night out, overnighter at the teepees, and campfire. Family camps were quite relaxed and all about having a great time doing whatever you wanted. Arts and Crafts for family camp entailed tie-dye (just about anything you wanted to tie-dye...shirts, socks, undershirts, shorts, towels) we also made lanyards, friendship bracelets, the ever popular bead bracelets, painting with shaving cream, and the favorite...painted rocks! :) Who knew painting rocks could be so much fun! I met some wonderful families who I hope come back next year! :)

The first camp after Family camp was Elementary Camp. This meant it was mostly kids ages 5-10, although there were several CIT's (Counselors in training) who are between 14-18. During Elementary Camp we went to Universal Studios, Some of them went to a pro-golf workshop thing, Beach day, and had the Summer festival-which is where a bunch of people came to camp for the day to learn about camp and blindness and there were tons of activities and stuff (Summer Festival was exhausting!). Elementary camp was a lot of fun. Arts and Crafts entailed painting rocks, making collages out of nature (leaves, sticks, grass, flowers etc.), and making lanyards and friendship bracelets.

Then we had Junior Camp, which consisted of campers age 11-13ish, but once again their were CIT"s so it was more like 11-18. Outings included Hurricaine Harbor (a water park), and Beach Day. Many of the campers who were at Elementary Camp also attended Junior Camp. In Arts and Crafts we made chia pet things, and lanyards and friendship bracelets (lanyards and friendship bracelets were very popular all summer!)

The camp after Junior, was Alumni. This meant adults! WAHOO!!! Anyway, this was also a very fun session, although quite short. Many of the people at alumni camp had been to Camp Bloomfield for years and years and years. They were a fun group to be around, and even had "the Camp Bloomfield Choir" :) We went to Santa Monica Promenade with this camp, but other than that, we stayed at good old Camp Bloomfield! :) Arts and Crafts consisted of Lanyards, friendship bracelets and bead bracelets.

Then we had Multi-disabled Camp, which was also a very short session. It was basically 2 days. This time, in Arts and Crafts we painted with shaving cream/glue mixture, and made bead bracelets and necklaces and I think we painted rocks too :)

Teen camp was next...and I think this was my most favorite of the whole summer! We went Deep Sea Fishing, beach day, an LA Sparks game (WNBA), and to a place called Golf 'n Stuff (a miniture golf place). I was definately exhausted by the end of this session, but it was completely worth it! In Arts and Crafts we made lanyards and friendship bracelets.

So that's basically what camp was like! A typical days schedule went something like:
7am: wake up
7:45: line up
8am: breakfast
9:15: Period 1
10:30 Period 2
11:45: line up
12pm: lunch
1pm: rest hour
2:15: Period 3
3:30: snack
4pm: Period 4
5:10: lineup
5:30: Dinner
6:15-7:30: Twilight
7:30: evening program (campfire, talent show, etc.)
9pm: get ready for bed
9:30: camper lights out
11:30: staff lights out.

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