Saturday, February 07, 2009

Carbaby is good

I got some pictures of Carlisle the other day... His family spoils him rotten and loves him so much...He has the life...

Here we have Carlisle living it up, sleeping on the furniture, Lucky Dog!
Carli the Crocodile for halloween.

I could not be happier with where Carlisle is at! I know he loves those people a ton, and they love him. He still does some training things with D4D, so he still works a little bit. His owner said that she always makes him laugh and that he was sleeping on his back on the couch the other day. That's the life! Good job Carli!


Lacey said...

He is so cute. I want to raise a big dog so I'm gonna ask for a male for my next one so he can be just like Carlisle.

. . . Are you feeling validated yet?

Becky said...

So nice to get an update - he's so cute.