Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family Fun

My dad's birthday is March 18th, but this year we decided to celebrate early. My dad--who is amazing, got an idea in his head a year or so ago that he wanted to go on a sleigh ride up in the mountains. So for his "birthday party" this year, he invited the whole family to go on a sleigh ride and then have a "slumber party" at my parents house. --Keep in mind that I am the youngest of my siblings...and I'm getting kind of anyway we went on our sleigh ride on Friday night. Then we went back to my parents and ate dinner and played games--until 2am.

This morning, my 3 neices wanted to go for a walk with the dogs, so my mom and I took them for a walk and to play at a park that is nearby. Of course they all needed a turn to walk both Ontario and Riley--the beagle. Because of all the people at my parents house and the sleigh ride, I left Edie with a puppy sitter for the weekend.

This is my 5 year old neice with Ontario

My 6 year old neice with Riley

My 9 year old neice with Ontario

Ontario having a great fun time at the park...he got to run off leash for a while...he loved it!


Alyssa said...

How fun! I would love to do something like that!

Becky said...

That sounds like SO much fun - that would be my dream birthday with my kids too!