Friday, October 17, 2008

Pet Life for Ontario

I love fall break! No work and lots of time to spend with my little boys! So today, I took them on a hike, of course Frisco had to stay on a leash, but I let Ontario off leash and he was amazing! He stayed right with us and was a very good boy.

I really think Ontario is loving pet life. He could have been an okay guide, but I really think he wanted to be able to be lazy and just be with his mommy! He is much more calm and relaxed now than he was as a puppy...although, for a GSD, even as a puppy he wasn't too anxious or freakish like GSD's can be.

I'm hoping I get to take him on another hike tomorrow and of course, I'll take pictures then. I want to take him on a hike where we have to cross a few rivers and see if he can figure it out. I don't think Ontario is the brightest crayon in the box, but he sure is a sweet dog.

Anyway, I can see this post isn't real cohesive or coherant, so I think I will go to bed, but I'll try to post some pictures and stuff tomorrow.

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