Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dramatic Change in Personality?

So today...for the first time in his life...Ontario was actually very very very excited about his leash and puppy coat! Up until now, whenever he would see me pick up his leash and puppycoat to go out he would run and 'hide' in the corner or sometimes in his crate. He has always been fine once he was out, but just did NOT want to go at first. I've been working very hard to get him excited to go out, and today I got to see the results of 9 months of HARD work!

OOOOO...I love this dog!


Erin & Midnight said...

Yay Ontario!!!

Sarah, Indiana, Irie, and Josette said...

Maybe Ontario can teach Josette his secret on behavior changes...She could use a little help in that department ;) Good job Ontario!