Sunday, January 06, 2008

Spence is Wonderful

I got an email from Spence's family a few days ago! I was very excited as I hadn't heard from them in about two years. I have always known that Spence was well loved and well taken care of, so I've never worried...BUT it was still so nice to hear from them and hear that he is well loved and taken care of :)
They apologized for not contacting me for so long (which was not needed, but a very nice thing for them to do) and proceeded to tell me how much they love Spence! They told me again, how he is a certified Therapy Dog and everybody loves him and he loves everybody. They also wrote that having Spence has been such a great thing for them, and they thought he deserved a doggy "friend". So about a year and a half ago, they went back to GDB and adopted another career change dog! They said Spence picked HER out and they get along wonderfully! :)

Isn't it SOOO nice to hear from our puppies? Even when they aren't our puppies anymore, but to know that they are making such a difference in somebody else's a guide, or a makes my day!

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Career Changed Provo said...

That is awesome Lindsey. I just got to see my third pup again after 2 years.