Thursday, December 25, 2008

more party hardy...

My friends from high school had a christmas gathering of sorts a few nights ago...3 of them are married and 4 of us aren' anyway, the 2 boys are husbands who we did not know in high school...
Showing off our white elephant gifts! How fun is that!
We had a fun time, mostly we just talked and ate some treats and did a white elephant exchange. I gave a candle that I found on a shelf at my parents house, and I got a wig stand and a ceramic basket thing. At least I have a great white elephant gift for next year's party right? :) It is so nice to get together with people you've known forever and continue to keep in touch with! We don't live close to eachother anymore so we don't see eachother often, but it's fun to see everybody!
After this, I went with 2 of the girls and we looked at christmas lights and talked more.

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