Wednesday, December 03, 2008


He was feeling left out...with pictures of the car and Edie :)


dot dill said...

Ontario is quite the handsome man. I'm glad you finally posted some pictures of Edie ( the sweetie). She's cute, the photo is front of the Christmas tree makes her look like she's full of mischief. Too bad about your car. It's like a family relic. Now you'll have to go car shopping. Be sure to take Ontario and Edie to make sure they both fit and coordinate with the interior.


Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Yay for a new camera! Ontario is the perfect subject for photos to. ;)

I'm really sorry about your car. It really does have quite the background. :)

Lani said...

sorry about the car, but Ontario and Edie look spectacular! As for your know you are a puppy raiser, when you pick the car your dogs like.